The Historische akustisch-phonetische Sammlung (HAPS) at the TU Dresden (Germany) is a unique collection of historical acoustic-phonetic instrument.


The exhibition at Phonetics Laboratory, Linguistics Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (Hungary) aims at introducing equipments, tools and methods of speech research from the mechanic speaking machine by Kempelen to the present days.


In Grenoble (France) colleagues from the GIPSA lab initiated a GIPSA Museum of Experimental Phonetics. (Contact: coriandre.vilain [at] gipsa-lab [dot] grenoble-inp [dot] fr)


Please contact Jürgen Trouvain (trouvain [at] coli [dot] uni-saarland [dot] de) if you would like to have published on this site photographs from historical instruments at your lab or historical pictures/movies/audio recordings.