Workshop 2015

First International Workshop on the History of Speech Communication Research

4-5 September 5, 2015

Dresden, Germany

Please visit the ISCA archive for the proceedings.

Opening Session

Ohala, John J.: "A brief history of experimental phonetics in the 18th and 19th centuries", 13-14.

Schmitz, Walter: "The power of communication. apps as human substitutes in science-fiction films", 15-21.

Hoffmann, Rüdiger / Mehnert, Dieter: "Recent development of the historic acoustic-phonetic collection of the TU Dresden", 22-29.

Mechanical Speech Synthesis

Pettorino, Massimo: "The history of talking heads: the trick and the research", 30-41.

Brackhane, Fabian: "Kempelen vs. Kratzenstein – researchers on speech synthesis in times of change", 42-49.

Berdux, Silke: "„Eine Kempelensche Sprechmaschine“. New insights in speaking machines in the late 18th and early 19th centuries", 50-51.

Korpiun, Christian: "Kratzenstein’s vowel resonators – reflections on a revival", 52-59.

Hoffmann, Rüdiger: "Voices for toys – first commercial spin-offs in speech synthesis", 60-70.


Demolin, Didier: "The contribution of the kymograph to the description of african languages", 71-76.

Gósy, Mária: "A 75-year-old Hungarian spontaneous speech database", 77-86.

Studer-Joho, Dieter: "The early Swiss dialect recording collection “LA” (1924–1927): a description and a work plan for its comprehensive edition", 87-94.

¦turm, Pavel: "The Prague historical collection of tuning forks: a surviving replica of the Koenig tonometre", 95-105.

Pioneering Work in Phonetics

Braun, Angelika: "William Holder – a pioneer of phonetics", 106-117.

Ashby, Michael: "Experimental phonetics at University College London before World War I", 118-127.

Tillmann, Hans G. / Siddins, Jessica: "The "bonn connection" and its consequences: Paul Menzerath and Werner Meyer-Eppler's reunification of phonetics and phonology and the emergence of a new phonetic speech science based on Shannon’s mathematical theory of communication", 128-139.

Aulanko, Reijo: "Hugo pipping – a pioneer phonetician at the University of Helsinki", 140-147.

Vilain, Coriandre / Berthommier, Frédéric / Boë, Louis-Jean: "A brief history of articulatory-acoustic vowel representation", 148-159.

Trouvain, Jürgen: "Notes on the development of speaking styles over decades – the case of live football commentaries", 160-166.